Stache DigiTul Black: Digital Scale Dab Tool

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  • Stache DigiTul Black: Digital Scale Dab Tool
  • Stache DigiTul Black: Digital Scale Dab Tool
  • Stache DigiTul Black: Digital Scale Dab Tool
  • Stache DigiTul Black: Digital Scale Dab Tool
  • Stache DigiTul Black: Digital Scale Dab Tool
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Stache DigiTul: Digital Scale and Dab Tool in One

The DigiTul Digital Scale and Dab Tool allows you to get an exact measurement of how much concentrates you are loading into your banger, titanium nail, electric dab rig, etc. This innovative device can customize your dab session down to the T, especially when paired with a precise temperature controlled device like a desktop enail. The digital scale can give you a further understanding of your vaporization rate based on the temperature you have your device set to.

Precision is always important when dabbing, understanding how much you are dabbing at one time is crucial to enjoyment and what type of experience you'll get.

It's like the pot of water concept, if you have a very small pot on a stove and you pour one cup of water into it, itll take time to heat the water and turn it into vapor because the water is sitting on less of a heated surface area. In turn, if you pour the same amount of water into a very large pot sitting on a stove at the same temperature as the small pot, the water will automatically sizzle out and turn into vapor quickly since there is more of a heated surface area to spread across. 

As crazy as it sounds dabbing concentrates isn't any different! Getting an exact measurement of concentrates paired with precise temperature control can mitigate the chance of pooling, left over concentrates that didn't vaporize, and ultimately waste! 

Get the most out of your concentrates with the DigiTul!


  • Height: About 4 Inches
  • Digital Scale and Dab Tool All in One


  • Achieve the Most Precise Dab Experience Imaginable 
  • Control Your Dosage 
  • Minimize Pooling and Waste 
  • Dab the Appropriate Amount of Concentrates based on Temperature


  • 1 x DigiTul Digital Scale Body
  • 1 x DigiTul Dab Tool Attachment
  • 1 x Precision Screw Driver

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