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Bucket Insert Guide

Quick Guide to Quartz Bucket Banger Inserts:

Looking for an easy way to not overheat your dabs, while keeping your banger and dab rig a bit cleaner resulting in dabs with better flavor and efficiency?

Meet the quartz bucket banger insert – your secret weapon for smoother hits and tastier flavors! Here's why you may want to consider one:

1. Perfect Fit: Inserts are specifically designed for different sized bangers, from 20mm up to 50mm banger.. They are tailor-made to snugly fit the banger, ensuring it slides in and out smoothly without any wiggling or getting stuck during your dabbing sessions.

2. Heat Management: Say goodbye to overheated concentrates! The quartz banger insert acts as a shield between your dab and the banger, keeping the temperature just right. No more constant reheating – just consistent, flavorful dabs every time.

3. Superhero Shield for Newbies: Accidentally making your concentrates too hot? Not anymore! The quartz banger insert acts like a superhero shield, preventing your banger from reaching scorching temperatures, especially if you're new to using a torch.

4. Cooler Dabs, Better Taste: Here's the kicker – the insert stays cooler than your banger, enhancing the flavor of your dabs for a richer, more enjoyable experience.

5. Style and Functionality: Choose from a variety of styles, including quartz, opaque bottom, or Sic materials, each offering different benefits like enhanced heat retention and reclaim protection. Pick the perfect style for your dabbing preferences!

6. Size Matters: With options like 19mm for 25mm bangers, 24mm for 30mm bangers, and 29mm for 35mm bangers, you can find the ideal fit for your rig. It's like finding the missing puzzle piece for your dabbing adventures!

Choose wisely and you will be impressed with the results. 

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