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Full Weld Terp Slurper Bangers

Full Weld Terp Slurper Bangers

Ah, full weld terp slurper bangers, the holy grail of quality, durable, flavorful, well-functioning terp slurpers! With so many welds and holes in a terp slurper banger, it's easy to make simple mistakes which can lead to harsh lessons learned. The bottom dish must be welded really well onto the middle chamber or the dish can pop off. The slits in the bottom of the middle chamber must be angled and sized properly for optimal functionality and minimal clogging. As always, the neck of the joint must be solidly welded to the banger bucket, or that will be the weakest point of the banger.

With all of this factored in and the immense amount of feedback from people like you, we have worked with the best brands and glass blowers in the world to create the best offering of full weld terp slurpers anywhere and at the best prices!

Available in male and female genders, 45 or 90 degree angle in 10mm, 14mm or 18mm joint sizes, there is one that will fit your fab rig. It's highly recommended to use a reclaim catcher if you are dabbing with a terp slurper banger. This will keep your dab rig clean and save some dabs for you later. With terp cone bangers, terp column, and so many more, treat yourself to the best dab possible today!

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