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Thick Bottom Bangers

Thick Bottom Bangers

A Thick Bottom Banger is designed with a bottom ranging in thickness from 2mm-6mm. The additional thickness increases heat retention creating a more consistent dabbing experience. Heat retention is the name of the game when it comes to dabbing. Increased heat retention and consistent temperature is better when taking a high-temp or low-temp dab, whether a larger or small dab. A thick bottom banger will be less likely to have pooling (an uneven less heated spot which does not vaporize the concentrates). Take a look at our selection of Thick Bottom Bangers, we've got Thick Bottom Bucket Bangers, Thick Bottom Blender Bangers, Thick Bottom Terp Slurper Bangers and we're always adding the newest designs to hit the market!

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Thick Bottom Banger Quartz Dab Nail FAQ

A Thick Bottom Banger is a style of quartz bucket dab nail which has a banger bucket bottom thickness of at least 4mm. Thick bottom bangers range in thickness from 4mm all the way up to as thick as 9mm.

Why would you want to get a thick bottom banger? There are 2 main reasons to get a thick bottom banger. The first is for its heat retention. Thick bottom bangers retain heat longer than less thick bottom bangers. The second reason is because of its durability. Thick bottom bangers tend to be more durable than their thin counterparts. If you are looking for the entire banger to be thicker, from the joint all the way through the bucket, it's recommended to go with a fully welded thick bottom banger.

Thick Bottom Quartz Bangers may retain heat longer but they take longer to heat due to their thickness. This can cause some issues for cold-start or low-temp dabs, when trying to find that perfect temp and not overheat.