First you would want to understand the different sizes...

Joint size typically range from 10mm, 14mm up to 18mm. There are occassionaly 9mm, 19mm and other joint sizes, although those are very rare and not industry standard sizes. Be sure to always match the mm size of the pipe joint to the mm joint size of a banger. 14mm pipe joint = 14mm banger joint 

Banger bucket sizes range from as small as 16mm to 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and now all the way up to 45mm for those super large dabs!

When it comes to joint angles, the most popular by far is the 90 degree angle followed by the 45 Degree angle. Be sure to always match the joint angle of a pipe to the joint angle of a banger. 90 Degree pipe joint = 14mm 90 degree banger joint. There is whats called 45 Degree Inverted angle which is used to connect to a nectar collector to be used with a banger instead of a nectar collecor nail. 

There are also occasionaly 55 Degree angle joints although these are very rare.

The Banger Joint Gender come in Male and Female. Male is more popular, especially for dabbing because femaled bangers tend to allow for reclaim to ooze out the sides of the joint and onto the exterior of the rig. 

...Once you understand which size you are looking for, you would then want to explore the different types of styles. 

There are many different types of Banger Styles...

Thermochromic Quartz Bangers are used as a way to know the temp of the banger without using a banger temp reader or an e-nail. Thermochromic Bangers also have a double wall which acts similar to a Thermal Banger.

Thermal Quartz Bucket Bangers retain heat for a steadier temperature throughout the dab. Heat retention is important , especially if you are attempting to maintain your desired temp.

The standard Quartz Banger Bucket comes in several diameters, from as small as 12mm tiny buckets up to 35mm sized buckets. The size of the dab would determine the size of banger need, small dab = small diameter , large dab = large diameter.

Recycler Bangers, do just that, Recycle. Most Recycler bangers are combined with a diamond knot quartz insert to initially evenly vaporize as much concentrate as possible. The remaining concentrate or reclaim is then recycled back up the bottom loop to be reheated by the diamond knot insert. The bottom loop design also assists with better concentrate dispersion throughout the dab.

Great for cold starting or heat retention

Terp Slurper Banger offers maximum taste and terpene consumption. With different types of terp pills, banger beads, carb caps and more, there is a reason why Terp Slurper Quartz Bangers are fan favs.

Opaque Bottom Bangers become hotter faster than clear quartz bangers and purportedly hold the heat slightly longer. The opaque look comes from the glass being quickly stirred to capture air bubbles, creating air bubble  insulation and minimizing the thickness to allow for faster heating. The Opaque style is used for many different types of bangers, from the standard Bucket Banger to Core Reactors. 

Any type of Core Reactor Quartz Banger will offer slightly more heat retention, for those larger dabs. There are different types of cores which have their own added features.

Splashguard Bangers prevent concentrate from going down the neck of the banger, allowing for an efficient experience and a cleaner piece.

A Round Bottom Quartz Banger helps evenly distribute the heat while pooling the concentrate, increasing slosh.

Beveled bottom quartz bangers eliminate the waste and build-up found when using a flat bottom. Pointed cotton swabs such as glob mobs, are used to clean the hard to reach corners, however with a beveled bottom quartz banger, the curved meeting point of the side and bottom walls, allows for easy cleaning, easier terp ball spinning and a longer quality pure tasting experience. 

Angled Quartz Bangers offer a different type of airflow then that of the standard bucket banger. With the airflow easily drawn directly into the hole, this banger offers extreme carbing options.

E-Nail Quartz Bangers are specifically designed to hold the enail heating coil in place for the perfect heating experience when using an e-nail.

...while choosing your banger style, you will notice the different type of banger top styles. 

The different types of Banger Style Tops consist of...

Flat Top Bangers are meant to be paired with a flat carb cap and are not well suited for a bubble carb cap.

 - offer a neater fit for bubble caps and other similarly shaped carp caps

Angled top bangers are best with angled top carb caps for the most clean, neat and funcitonal dab.

...Once you understand which type of banger and whats size banger you would like, choosing the appropriate carb cap is the next step...

The type of Carb Cap paired with a banger can have an extreme impact on the experience, there are many carb cap sizes and styles to choose from...

A UFO or Flat carb cab just sits atop of the banger and needs to be managed throughout the dab. It's similar to using a silicone jar as a carb cap. 

Used to direct the slosh, directional carb caps enable airflow control and where the concentrate is moved with the banger. This enables a level of control and enhanced smoothness.

Bubble Carb Caps are used to enhance airflow and slosh control without the level of control offered by directional carb caps.

Vortex Carb Caps or Spinner Carb Caps are directional caps used to create a vortex funnel within the banger assisting terp balls to spin, vortex bangers are typically paired with terp balls and bucket bangers. 

Silicone Carb Caps can withstand almost any level of heat , can offer the same airflow as glass carb caps, and are super easy to clean.

...ensuring the proper fit for the banger will impact the functionality of the banger....

There are also many Banger Inserts which have an impact on your experience.

Terp Pearls go by a few different names, banger beads, terp balls and more. They are used to help evenly distrubte the wax within the banger to assist in evenly heating the concentrates. Terp Pearls prevent hot spots and pooling, allowing for maximum dab cloud for each dab without over-heating the banger.

A Terp Pill is typically used inside the middle chamber of the terp slurper banger. This chamber makes the terp slurper so special, allowing for fantastic air to vapor mixture while ensuring complete vaporization of the dab with the help of the terp pill. As the terp pill spins it spreads any remainig oil out across the walls of the banger, allowing for complete vaporization of the dab. 

Terp wheels have become a phenomenon as of late with the rise of vortex bangers and carb caps. Once you get the terp wheels spinning at the bottom of the bucker banger, the wax will be thrown around like in a laundry machine, ensure total and complete vaporizatio and  amazing surface area coverage for the dab onto the banger. This type of wax diustrbution allows for cloudy, flavorful, effecient and clean dabs. 

The Terp Pillar serves the same function as the terp pill, but is used with large terp slurpers. As the concentrates enters the middle chamber of the terp slurper, the terp illar helps vaporize adn remaining concentrates. Offering additional vaporization area with maximum air to vapor mixture, taller terp slurpers paired with a terp pillar offer the pinnacle tasting experience. 

The Terp Chain is typically paired with the Terp Ball Carb Cap, offering more sporadic wax distribution than that of a pill, pearl or pillar.

A Terp screw is typically paired with a large marble and used with a terp slurper banger. The Terp Screw takes the place of the mdeium marble and terp pill. The screw helps completely vaporize the concentrates that make their way into the middle chamber of the terp slurper.

A Dish, cup or oil-bomb inter, is the perfect companion for cold start dabs. Dish inserts come in different forms and shapes, like opaque bottom and in different shapes liek standard bucket and milk jar. Buckets inserts also help keep bangers as clean as possible.

..whether doing a cold start or perfect temp it can impact the consistency of the cloud due to the evening of the temp of the banger.

There are also different welding types

A Fully Welded Quartz Banger is a banger made from one piece of glass, making it stronger at its weakest point, where the neck meets the bucket.

A Regular Weld or Partially Welded Quartz Banger is a banger made from 2 pieces of glass, welded together, the neck and the bucket. This does make that meeting point the most vulnerable point of the glass.

We know there is a lot to take in so we consistently upload educational materials so you may educate yourself before purchasing in an attempt to cut the waste in you getting what you're truly looking for. 

Always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have so we can assist you further.

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