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14mm Female Reclaim Catchers

14mm Female Reclaim Catchers

Our 14mm female reclaim catchers are ideal for dabbing enthusiasts who appreciate a more concentrated and flavorful experience. Designed to complement medium-sized rigs, these catchers significantly enhance the dabbing session by providing just the right balance of airflow and water filtration. They effectively capture excess concentrates, keeping your rig clean and conserving some concentrate for later enjoyment. This not only maintains the cleanliness of your setup but also ensures that every dab is as rich in flavor and as efficient as possible.

The 14mm size is optimal for those who prefer a more intimate and flavorful dabbing session. These reclaim catchers offer a balance between ease of draw and intensity of flavor, ideal for medium-sized dabs and rigs with moderate water filtration. This design is particularly appealing to users who seek a harmonious blend of smoothness and rich taste in their dabbing experience. In addition to their primary function, our 14mm female reclaim catchers also serve as adaptable connectors. They can adjust the angle of your banger joint from 45 to 90 degrees and also the gender from female to male. This versatility allows you to explore a diverse range of dabbing experiences, for whatever draw or banger size you're aiming for. Our collection is designed to make your dabbing sessions more enjoyable and adaptable to your individual preferences.

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