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Reclaim Catcher FAQ

Welcome to our Reclaim Catcher FAQ section, where we've got you covered on everything you've ever wanted to know about reclaim catchers and more. Our expertly crafted FAQ is your one-stop destination for all the burning questions you may have. Whether you're pondering the perfect size, compatibility, the science behind reclaim catchers, the materials that make them tick, or just how they work their magic – we've got it all. No question is too big or small, too technical or too simple. We're here to demystify, explain, and guide you through the fascinating world of reclaim catchers. So, dive in, explore, and let's unravel the secrets together!

Reclaim Catcher FAQ

A reclaim catcher is a device that sits between a quartz banger or dab nail and a dab rig. A Reclaim Catcher collects the excess oil that would otherwise fall into the dab rig and be lost during the dabbing process.

It works by allowing the reclaim to fall onto a silicone jar as the vapor passes by into the dab rig. Reclaim catchers do not catch all of the reclaim produced however they do capture a nice amount and keep your rig cleaner for longer.

Reclaim is the left over resiude from dabbing. It is to wax what resin is to flower.

There are 5 main reasons for reclaim:

1. Flooding the bucket- the easiest and most sure-fire way to cause reclaim is putting too much wax into your banger. Understanding the vaporization rate of your banger based on the temp and surface area is crucial to prevent waste and reclaim. 

2. Pulling too hard on the rig - this can cause wax to be sucked down the neck of the banger. This can also be caused by having too much water or constricted airflow.

3. Hot Dab - when dabbing at higher temps, the first bit of wax to fall onto the banger may splash, causing reclaim to easily get sucked into the neck of the banger. 

4. Low Temp Dabs- if the dab is too cool the wax will not vaporize at the rate expected and may cause the dabber to inhale more strongly resulting in more reclaim.

5. Improper Carb Cap or Inserts - using the wrong carb cap or insert for your banger can have some negative consequences. Not being satisfied with your dab and wasting it. 

Reclaim Catchers serve a dual role as adapters. Firstly, they can modify the joint size, gender, and angle of a banger joint. Their primary use is to transform any size or angle of a dab rig to be compatible with a 14mm male 90-degree banger or a 10mm male 90-degree banger. The 14mm 90-degree banger is the most sought-after due to its precedence in adopting new styles. The 10mm 90-degree banger follows in popularity, preferred by those seeking a denser vapor-to-air mix or for smaller dabbing quantities.

- Primary Function: Reclaim Catchers act as dual-role adapters.
- Modifications:
  1. Change in banger joint size.
  2. Alteration of joint gender.
  3. Adjustment of joint angle.
- Popular Adaptations:
  - Transforming any size or angle of a dab rig to be compatible with:
    1. A 14mm male 90-degree banger.
    2. A 10mm male 90-degree banger.
- Banger Popularity:
  - 14mm 90-Degree Banger: Most popular, often first to feature new styles.
  - 10mm 90-Degree Banger: Second in popularity, favored for a more concentrated vapor-to-air mix or smaller dabs.