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18mm Male Reclaim Catchers

18mm Male Reclaim Catchers

Our 18mm male reclaim catchers are perfect for those who love taking bigger dabs and prefer a smoother, easier pull that requires a bit more lung capacity. These reclaim catchers are designed to complement larger rigs where water filtration is more pronounced, enhancing the overall dabbing experience. They efficiently capture excess concentrates, keeping your rig clean and saving a bit of extra concentrate for later use. This not only maintains the tidiness of your setup but also ensures that every dab is as flavorful and efficient as possible.

The 18mm size is ideal for those who enjoy a fuller dabbing session. With a less restrictive airflow, these reclaim catchers provide an easier draw, making them suitable for larger dabs and rigs with more extensive water filtration. This setup is perfect for users who prioritize a smooth, cool dabbing experience.

In addition to their primary function, our 18mm male reclaim catchers are also versatile adapters. They can modify both the angle of your banger joint from 45 to 90 degrees and the size, adapting from 18mm to 14mm and even 10mm. This flexibility allows you to explore a wider range of bangers and rig setups, whether you're looking for a larger draw, a specific angle, or compatibility with different banger sizes. Our collection is tailored to enhance your dabbing sessions, making them more enjoyable and adaptable to your preferences.

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