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Fully Welded Quartz Bangers

Fully Welded Quartz Bangers

The next evolution of Bangers is here! Fully welded bangers offer longevity to your banger. With ordinary bangers you will find the stem to bucket connection is not one full piece of seamless glass, it's actually 2! With a fully welded banger it's all one piece or a seamless banger connection for the neck to the bucket! This will prevent the most typical breakage of a banger, the neck, the damn neck/bucket connection. 

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Fully Welded Quartz Bangers FAQ

A Fully Welded Quartz Banger is a dab nail made from one piece of glass. This construction makes the banger stronger at its weakest point, where the neck meets the bucket. They are easier to maintain and are more durable than non fully welded bangers

A Regular Weld or Partially Welded Quartz Banger is a banger made from 2 pieces of glass, welded together, the neck and the bucket. This does make that meeting point the most vulnerable point of the glass.