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Titanium Enail Kit

Titanium Enail Kit

The Titanium Enail Kit caters to those seeking the most intense heating and superior heat retention in their dabbing experience. Titanium enails are renowned for their robust heating capabilities, ensuring that every dab is perfectly vaporized. Catering to a variety of preferences and dab sizes, these kits are available in multiple sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 35mm. This range ensures that whether you prefer smaller, more controlled dabs or larger, more intense ones, there's a titanium enail that fits your needs.

Our Titanium Enail kits are offered in three different dish types - standard, medium, and deep dish - to accommodate different amounts of concentrate and dabbing styles. The standard dish is great for new dabbers, the medium dish offers a bit more space for larger dabs, and the deep dish is ideal for those who want to maximize their dabbing sessions. Each variant provides a unique experience, ensuring that every dabber can find their perfect match.

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