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Blender Bangers

Blender Bangers

Blender Bangers

Blender Bangers

Experience The Storm!

Clouds Like You've Never Seen!

Quartz Blender Bangers are the next wave of bangers in 2022. With their revolutionary airflow and maximum air to vape mixture, each experience is as flavorful as possible. A Blender Banger comes in a few variations, from Quartz Bucket Blender Banger, Bubble Blender Banger and the most popular, the Terp Slurper Blender Banger, some are fully welded blended bangers while others are non fully welded. 

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Blender Banger FAQ

A Blender Banger is a type of quartz banger that takes airflow to the next level. Whipping around terp pearls as if they are in a blender, these bangers will have your wax flying around your banger, ensuring an evenly heated, full flavor dab. The shape and air-slits of the Blender Banger allows for optimal airflow and vaporization of your dab.

Blender bangers may look like similar to terp slurper bangers, however dabbing with them is quite different. The main difference is that with a terp slurper banger, the dab is placed onto the dish. Witha  blender banger the wax is placed inside the bucket, then the banger is capped. In both scenerio's the inserts, terp pearls or terp wheels or placed inside the banger prior to heating the banger. Blender bangers can be used for cold-start or traditional hot dabs.

To properly heat up your Blender Banger, you should use a torch to heat the bottom of the banger evenly. Once it is heated, wait a few seconds for it to cool down slightly before taking a dab. Use a dab temp reader for ultimate temp control for the best dabbing experience.

Cleaning a blender banger is similar to cleaning any other banger. Using a dab swab and isopropyl alcohol between dabs is the first step in keeping your banger clean, working well, tasting good and lasting long. For deeper cleans soak the banger in isopropyl alchohol then remove any debris with a cotton swab. Heating the banger carefully to druip out any reclaim stuck in the neck of the banger is a great way to get back some wasted dabs.

Blender Bangers have a unique shape and airflow slits that set them apart from other types of quartz bangers. They have a grooved bottom for optimal heat distrubition combined with maximum airflow causing terp pearls to bounce around like they're in a blender! This creates an evenly heated flavorful dab. Bucket bangers, vortex bangers, terp slurpers and other types of bangers may have some imressive airflow, but none compare to that of the blender banger. The only class of bangers to rival the airflow force of the blender banger would be the tornado banger, which is a class of blender bangers.

Blender Bangers have several benefits, including:

- Even heating and optimal vaporization of the concentrate
- Optimal airflow for smooth hits
- Wide bottom design prevents concentrate from pooling and wasting
- Durable quartz material that can withstand high temperatures
- Easy to clean and maintain

With any new type of banger the costs will typically be higher and the initial bangers are usually only made as a fully welded banger, which also increases the cost. With atht being said, new style bangers usually range in the $40 - $450 range, slowly coming down in cost as popularity rises, manufacturer ramps up, lowering costs, and non fully welded versions are made, cutting the cost in half to as low as $20. 

A $450 banger would be an american made fully welded banger.

A $40-$80 banger would be a china made fully welded banger.

A $20 banger would be a china made regular weld banger.