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Reclaim Catcher: How To Setup & Use

Using a reclaim catcher is a smart and efficient way to enhance your dabbing experience while keeping your rig cleaner. Here's a brief guide on how to use a reclaim catcher:

1. Assemble Your Rig: Begin by setting up your dab rig as you normally would, making sure your quartz banger, nail, or domeless nail is securely attached to your water pipe.

2. Attach the Reclaim Catcher: Place the reclaim catcher between your dab nail and your water pipe, ensuring it's properly seated. Most reclaim catchers have a joint that matches the size and gender of your rig's joint. Gently secure it to create an airtight connection.

3. Apply Heat: Heat your quartz banger or nail as you typically would for a dab. Once it's at the desired temperature, proceed with your dab as usual.

4. Dab Carefully: When taking your dab, remember that the reclaim catcher is now part of your setup. Use your dab tool and concentrates as you normally would, and enjoy the smooth hit.

5. Reclaim Collection: As you dab, any excess concentrates or reclaim will flow into the reclaim catcher instead of accumulating in your rig. This preserves the cleanliness and flavor of your dab rig.

6. Maintenance: After your dab session, carefully detach the reclaim catcher. It's important to be cautious as it may still contain hot material. Allow it to cool before handling it. You can then collect and store the reclaim for future use or cleaning.

7. Regular Cleaning: To maintain the efficiency of your reclaim catcher, clean it regularly. Remove any collected reclaim and rinse it with isopropyl alcohol to keep it functioning at its best.

Using a reclaim catcher not only keeps your rig cleaner but also allows you to maximize the use of your concentrates. It's a simple addition to your setup that can make a noticeable difference in your dabbing experience.