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Beveled Bangers

Beveled Bangers

Beveled bottom quartz bangers eliminate the waste and build-up found when using a flat bottom. Pointed cotton swabs such as glob mobs, are used to clean the hard to reach corners, however with a beveled bottom quartz banger, the curved meeting point of the side and bottom walls, allows for easy cleaning, easier terp ball spinning and a longer quality pure tasting experience. 

Beveled top bangers offer a neater fit for bubbler carb caps and similarly shaped carb caps. 

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Beveled Banger FAQ

 Beveled Banger is a type of quartz dab nail, there are two types of beveled bangers.Beveled Top Quartz Bangers and Beveled Bottom Quartz Bangers.

  • Beveled Top Quartz Banger : Have a rounded top.
  • Beveled Bottom Quartz Banger : Have a rounded / concave bottom.

Beveled Top Bangers have a curved edge top, insted of a flat top. This impacts the type of carb caps able to be used with it. The rounded topcreates an air-tight seal when paired with a rounded carb cap, such as a buble carb cap or marble cap cap. This air-tight seal is utilized for terp slurper bangers and blender bangers when using a marble cab cap. A Flat top carb caps can be used with with beveled top bangers.

Beveled Bottom Bangers have a rounded or concave edged bottom, where the banger walls meet the base of the banger. Instead of the wall and base being flat, resulting in a corner within the banger. The corner is more difficult to clea with dab swabs, and wax stuck there will not be moved around by inserts such as terp pearls. 

With Beveled Bottom Bangers there are no corners! With a rounded bottom dabs no longer get stuck in that pesky corner. This makes terp pearls that much more effective and the banger so much easiere to clean!

Beveled Top:

Marble Carb Caps / Bubble Carb Caps

Beveled Bottom:

Terp Pearls