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Bell-Bottom Bangers

Bell-Bottom Bangers

The Bell Bottom Banger features a flared bottom, which increases the surface area for dabbing, especially at the critical point where the side walls meet the bottom of the banger. Unlike traditional bangers, this design avoids hard-to-clean corners where dabs tend to accumulate without being evenly vaporized.

Available in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm in male or female joint genders in 45 or 90 degree joint angles to fit any dab rig. The beveled bottom, characteristic of round bottom bangers or bell bottom bangers, ensures that all the dab material is evenly vaporized, leaving no residue in the corners. Pairing this banger with a Vortex Carb Cap, which has a unique bottom design with air-paths encircling the tip, creates a vortex effect within the banger, improving airflow and promoting a more uniform dabbing experience.

When using terp pearls along with the Vortex Carb Cap, the pearls spin rapidly as you inhale, effectively stirring your concentrates. This evenly distributes concentrates and releasing flavorful terpenes.

Bell-Bottom bangers can also be paired with a round bottom bucket insert for low-temp or cold-start dabs. The insert helps prevent overheating of dabs while optimizing flavor. Inserts also contribute to keeping the banger clean and are best paired with a directional carb cap, whether it's a traditional directional or a vortex carb cap.

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