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Enail Dab Rig Kit

Enail Dab Rig Kit

An Enail Dab Rig Kit pairs the perfect enail kits with their ideal dab rig companion. An enail kit includes an enail controller, power cable, enail coil, quartz banger or dab nail, carb cap and possibly banger inserts. A Recycler Dab Rig is ideal for dabbing so enjoy our wide selection of recycler, incycler and other innovative dab rig designs specifically designed for enails.

How is a dab rig specifically deigned for an enail you may ask?

Having the proper dab rig filtration method is the first step in choosing the best dab rig for your enail. The next thing to factor in is the weight distribution. When attaching an enail coil to a banger atop a dab rig it changes the center mass of the dab rig, with some dab rigs causing the rig to topple. This is even before attaching a reclaim catcher to the dab rig, which can make it even more imbalanced. Choosing our kits takes the guess work out of the equation and allows for the most balanced, enjoayble, efficient and safe dabbing experience. 

Quick Tip: Turning the reclaim catcher inwards towartdsw


We offer different levels of kits which also include cleaning accessories, reclaim catchers, 

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