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Terp Pearls Guide


Terp pearls are tiny balls made of heat-resistant materials like quartz , Silicone Carbide (SiC) or ceramic that you put in your dab rig. When you heat your dab nail and drop your concentrate in, these little pearls help spread the heat evenly and increasing the vaporization rate of the dab. This helps vaporize all the tasty stuff in your dab, called terpenes, efficiently while giving you a smoother and tastier dab. It's like having little heat helpers in your rig to make sure you get the most out of your dab!

Terp pearls come in various sizes, ranging from 3mm to 8mm, but the most popular size by far is 6mm. This size strikes the perfect balance, providing effective heat distribution without taking up too much space in your rig. However, 4mm pearls also have a significant following as the second most popular size. These smaller pearls are favored for their ability to fit into tighter spaces like for electric dab rigs and dab pens, while still enhancing the flavor and vaporization rate of your dabs. Whether you prefer the larger 6mm pearls or the compact 4mm ones, there's a size to suit every dabber's needs and preferences.

Terp pearls come in lots of bright colors, so you can personalize your dabbing setup. You can also match them with a carb cap in the same color for a cool, coordinated look.

When it comes to carb caps to pair with your terp pearls, the vortex or auto-spinner carb caps stand out as the optimal choice. Available in both flat top and bubble versions, these caps create a swirling motion inside the banger, ensuring thorough vaporization of your dabs. 

Terp pearls can be used with various types of bangers, electric dab rig atomizers, or medium to deep dish nails, allowing for versatile dabbing experiences. However, shallow dish nails are not ideal for terp pearls as they may not handle them effectively. Certain bangers, like blender bangers or auto-spinner bangers, are especially suited for terp pearls, offering optimal performance. Additionally, different styles of carb caps can be paired with these bangers to enhance the swirling motion and vaporization of the pearls, providing dabbers with a range of options for their preferred dabbing setup.