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Quartz Banger Kit

Quartz Banger Kit

Quartz banger kits are designed to take the guess work out of pairing the correct carb cap to the correct banger along with the appropriate inserts. We already make that super easy with having the appropriate accessories purchasable on the bangers product page, however these kits make it super easy for you. We carry different types of dab nail kis, like the bucket banger with a vortex carb cap and terp pearls to get those big clouds and an efficient dab. We also have the popular terp slurper kit with galaxy marble pill set. 

We carry so many different designs in all the standard joint sizes of 10mm, 14mm and 18mm in male or female joint in 45 or 90 degree angle. 

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Quartz Banger Kit FAQ

To be considered a Quartz Banger Kit , the set must include at a minimum, a Quartz Banger and Carb Cap, some kits include an insert as well, whether a bucket insert, terp pearls, terp wheels, terp chains, or terp pills.

Quartz Banger Kits take the guess work out of finding the appropriate insert and carb cap for your banger. We're always sure to have the appropriate accessories listed next to each banger on our site, but if you want our experts preferred choice, go with one of our Quartz Banger Kits. 

As always, that's up to you. Each Quartz Banger Kit has different features, from Cold-Start focused Kits, to Terp Slurper Kits for maximum flavor, to Blender Banger Kits for the biggest clouds. Read up on the features of each different dab banger style to see which is for you. 

The Banger Size is another factor that should be considered when choosing which banger is best for you. First make sure the banger will be compatible with your rig or reclaim catcher, then choose the bucket or dish size based on your dab size. For smaller dabs choose a smaller diameter banger or dish, for larger dabs choose a larger diameter banger or dish.

The great part about quartz banger kits is that they are ready to use right out of the box. As always it's recommended to do one heat-up cycle to clean the banger of any impurities. before taking your first dab. Simply place the banger onto the rig, have the inserts inside, heat up the bottom for 30-45 seconds, allow to cool for 2 minutes. Then heat up the banger again for 30-45 seconds, allow the banger to cool for 3-5 seconds, place desired dab size into the banger, cap the banger with the carb cap and inhale!

Quartz Bange Kits range in price from as low as $19.99 to as high as $700. It all depends on where the banger, carb cap and inserts are made, the intricacy of it's style and whether or not the banger is fully welded. Custom American made bangers can run upwards of $400 with Custom Carb Caps costing upwards of $300 and inserts costing in the $100 range. With higher end carb caps, the pieces are considered to be art and prices can extend into the thousands of dollars, especially when jewels or precious stones are intigrated into the design, like with opal carb caps.

Quartz Banger Kits can be pricey, so when they break it can be painful. There is an easy way to keep your Quartz Banger Kit safe while on the go, and thats with one of our banger storage containers. From Leather to our Premium Silicone Banger Travel Container, we havethe right storage container for your banger! Take a look at our Travel Case section today.