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30mm Enail Kits

30mm Enail Kits

30mm Enail Kits are crafted for enthusiasts seeking an even more expansive and versatile dabbing experience. The increased 30mm size caters to a broader range of dab sizes ranging from .2-.4, making these kits ideal for those who desire a more substantial dabbing session. They strike a perfect balance between ease of use and advanced control, suitable for both newcomers and experienced dabbers alike.

These kits feature a wide selection of 30mm enail coils and bangers, available in various styles. The included bangers are constructed from high-quality materials like quartz and opaque quartz and come in designs that range from the classic standard buckets to innovative center core and terp slurper styles. Each design is tailored to provide a distinct dabbing experience – the standard bucket is excellent for traditional methods, while the terp slurper excels in delivering enhanced flavor and vapor.

Tailored to meet diverse needs, the 30mm Enail Kit includes specifically designed coils for each banger type: 5 wrap axial coils for uniform heating in bucket bangers, 3 wrap coils for heightened flavor and vapor in terp slurpers, and 2 wrap coils for effective heat distribution in medium hybrid dishes. This array of options ensures that users can customize their dabbing experience to their exact preferences and styles.

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