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Enail Dab Cleaning Kit - Intro: ISO Basin, 200 Cotton Swabs, Iso-shine Cleaner, Trash Bin Storage and Terp Wipes 20 Count

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Enail Dab Cleaning Kit - Intro

ISO Basin, 200 Cotton Swabs, Iso-shine Cleaner, Trash Bin Storage, and 20 Terp Wipes 

ISO Basin - Cleaning Solution Dispenser with Pump:

The ISO Basin from The Depot is a necessary part of any dab set up, supplying easily accessible cleaning solution by a quick push down with a cotton swab dispensing method. This dispenser can hold up to 7 ounces of any cleaning solution, and features a hinged cap to lessen the chance of spilling or evaporation of your solution. The pump on the ISO Basin is designed to be pushed down effortlessly so that your cotton swabs do not bend or break. This is surely the most efficient way to keep your dabbing accessories and pipe accessories clean without the hassle of fussing around with those big bulky cleaning solution bottles!

The Depot Cotton Buds 200 Count:

These Cleaning Cotton Buds by The Depot are double ended swabs, one end is pointed, making it easier to clean the harder to reach places in your banger and the other rounded, with super absorbent cotton to get every last bit of left residue left behind. The Depot Cotton Buds come in a clear plastic container with a hinged flexible lid, so that the lid will not get misplaced resulting in your cotton swabs end up being unsanitary. Each tub contains 200 swabs, pair them with one of our dumpsters for quick accessibility during a sesh, or the ISO Basin to keep your favorite cleaning solution handy.

Each Cotton Bud is made out of 100% organic cotton and a durable bamboo stem, making scrubbing any glass piece or quartz banger more effortless than ever, these sturdy stems will not easily break on you. Bamboo and Cotton are both 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Iso-Shine Alcohol Cleaner - 16oz Bottle:

Dr Buzzkill Iso-Shine Cleaner is a single ingredient cleaner containing 99.9% Iso Alcohol which cleans your glass by cutting through and stripping unwanted resin and reclaim that builds up in your quartz banger over time. Dr Buzzkill Cleaner also kills mold, fungi, and bacteria that may remain in your glass even after cleaning. This Cleaner will have your glass and quartz bangers looking and smelling like the first day you purchased it!

 is formulated  to enhance smoking experiences, using a single ingredient. This Cleaner does not contain any salt, which can wear away at the surface of your glass or quartz over time, that is one of the many benefits of using alcohol for cleaning.

Trash Bin Storage Container:

Standing at 5 inches tall, this Mini Trash & Recycle Can Set is a perfect addition for your desk at work or at home. There’s even a matching mug to make everyone believe you’re the most environmentally friendly person in the office. The closable lids and real wheels truly make these miniature replicas.

Terp Wipes Cleaning Wipes - 20 Wipes:

These Terp Wipes are thick non abrasive cotton pads that are soaked in ethyl alcohol and distilled water. The reason why Terp Wipes are made with ethyl alcohol is because it is grain based alcohol that is food safe and completely non toxic. Each pack of Terp Wipes contain 70 individual pads and 3 wooden sticks. To clean out a banger simply place a wipe inside and move it around with the included stick, getting into all of the harder to reach places. Unlike regular cotton swabs that are typically round making it harder to reach the corners of your banger. To clean off your other dabbing accessories or the outside of your dab rig, use a Terp Wipe as a regular wipe to wipe it clean. Because Terp Wipes are made out of thick cotton they are super absorbent and do not shred apart like other wipes!

Terp Wipes are ideal for cleaning your banger, dabbing accessories, and the outside of wax rigs because of their safe ingredients. Its unconventional wipe and stick combo gets into all the harder to reach areas, and they can be used for more than just bangers! 


  • 1 x The Depot Pump ISO Basin
  • 1 x Iso-Shine Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner 16oz Bottle
  • 1 x Trash Bin Storage Container
  • 20 x Terp Wipes Disposable Cleaning Wipes
  • 200 x The Depot Cotton Buds
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