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Preppy La Peui

Preppy La' Peui: Diamond Vortex Banger Kit - 14mm Male 90 Degree

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  • Preppy La' Peui: Diamond Vortex Banger Kit - 14mm Male 90 Degree
  • Preppy La' Peui: Diamond Vortex Banger Kit - 14mm Male 90 Degree
  • Preppy La' Peui: Diamond Vortex Banger Kit - 14mm Male 90 Degree
  • Preppy La' Peui: Diamond Vortex Banger Kit - 14mm Male 90 Degree
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Preppy La' Peui: Diamond Vortex Banger Kit - 14mm Male 90 Degree

The Vortex Banger by Preppy La' Peui features the same directional air pathways build into the side walls like a regular vortex banger, however this banger has a diamond shaped crystal like  bottom. This Vortex Banger also features a beveled top to create an air tight seal for a marble carb cap, increasing the airflow through the directional airpaths creating a spinning effect that vortex bangers are known for. The overall construction is standard for a vortex banger, but what sets this banger apart is the fact that it is fully welded for increased durability making it less likely to break where the two pieces of quartz are normally joined together.

Vortex Bangers are best paired with terp pearls and a marble cap, when the top of the banger is sealed off by the marble cap, airflow is directed through the holes built into the walls. The increased airflow then spins the terp pearls around the heated bottom, liberating the terps, preventing hot spots, and pooling, producing a more evenly heated dab. When used without terp pearls the vortex airflow moves and spreads around the concentrates evenly throughout the heated surface area.

This banger kit however is paired with a Diamond Spinner Carb Cap! 

The Diamond Spinner Carb Cap is made to fit all different size and style bangers, its everything you could ever want from a carb cap!

The Diamond Spinner Cap features a sleek classic diamond shaped design with grooves encircling the bottom portion for desired effect. The grooves are specially placed to direct airflow in such a way that it creates a spinning force inside of your banger allowing terp pearls to spin around the bottom surface area.

Traditional directional carb caps contain an opening at the bottom to direct airflow, however this is not always ideal when using terp pearls. It's difficult to maneuver the the carb cap in such a way that the pearls spin in a circular motion, for their intended function.

The well thought out placement of the grooves on the diamond spinner cap is the solution, it contains two deep indents encircling the insertable tip, to create that spinning airflow. When used without terp pearls the increased airflow from a spinner carb cap helps to move the concentrates around the bottom of your banger for a more evenly heated dab.

The Diamond Spinner Carb Cap can direct your airflow by simply placing it at the opening of your banger so that the a portion of the carb cap's grooves are inside, to spin your terp pearls around for the most directional airflow imaginable.


  • Banger Joint Size: 14mm
  • Banger Joint Angle: 90 Degree
  • Banger Joint Gender: Male
  • Banger Inner Bucket Diameter: 20mm
  • Banger Bottom Bucket Diameter: 25mm 
  • Banger Wall Thickness: 3mm
  • Banger Bottom Thickness: 10mm
  • Carb Cap Top Diameter: 28mm
  • Carb Cap Below Top Diameter; 29mm
  • Below Top To Diamond Bottom Tip: 30mm 
  • Insertable Diameter: 15mm
  • Terp Pearls: 6mm


  • Grooves On Carb Cap To Create Spinning Airflow Effect Inside of your Banger
  • Spins Terp Pearls for a More Evenly Vaporized Dab 
  • Can Fit Multiple Different Style and Size Bangers
  • Flat Top Can Double Up as a Regular Carb Cap 
  • Beveled Top for Air Tight Seal with Marble Carb Cap
  • Fully Welded for Increased Durability
  • Lab Tested Pure Quartz

Compatible With: 

Rigs / Bongs:
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degree
  • Joint Gender: Female
  • Terp pearls 
  • Bucket inserts (19mm and smaller) 
  • Carb Caps: (20mm or larger)
    • Classic
    • Bubble
    • Directional airflow
    • Marble


  • 1 x ​Preppy La Peui Diamond Bottom Vortex Banger
  • 1 x Diamond Spinner Carb Cap
  • 2 x Terp Pearls 

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2 Reviews

  • 2
    Designed okay, but no good for cold...

    Posted by Martin Alderson on 17th Jul 2024

    The overall design is okay, it looks nice. The diamond cap isn't flush so it can fall off easily. The diamond pearls randomly bounce around. It's efficient, with little reclaim so far. But it's too finicky for cold starts. You'll need to monitor temp for sure for those looking for a solid banger for cold starts. It retains heat well, though. Just hard to control for cold starts.

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by J d on 4th May 2024

    A little pricey, but very, very beautiful, piece. And works amazingly

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