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Yocan Hot Knife Electric Dab Tool and Dab Thermometer: Jaws Silver

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Yocan Electric Dab Tool and Dabbing Thermometer: Jaws Silver

Unlock the Ultimate Dabbing Experience with the Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Electric Dab Tool & Dabbing Thermometer. This cutting-edge device features a powerful 1800mAh battery for long-lasting performance, eliminating the need for frequent charging. Enjoy uninterrupted dabbing sessions that can last for weeks on end with this electric dab tool in your collection. Elevate your dabbing game and have a hot knife and dab temp reader readily available whenever you need it.

Experience optimal efficiency with the Yocan Black JAWS Electric Dab Tool & Dab Temp Reader as it provides invaluable insights into your banger's temperature. Whether you prefer low-temp or high-temp dabbing, accurate temperature monitoring is key to an enjoyable session. Gain a clear understanding of your banger's temperature with the Yocan Black JAWS, empowering you to elevate your dabs to new heights.

Embrace unparalleled versatility with the Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer, specially designed for those on the go. Equipped with an innovative infrared laser temperature reader, this electric dab tool enables swift and precise temperature readings anytime, anywhere. Simply heat your banger and use the Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer to effortlessly determine the exact temperature. Discover your preferred temperature with ease, allowing you to customize your dabbing experience to perfection.

Enjoy cleanliness and convenience combined with the Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer. Its practical snap cap ensures that no dirt or debris compromises the ceramic knife, providing reliable protection. Bid farewell to worries about grime accumulation on your dab tool, as the snap cap keeps it clean. Additionally, this thoughtful feature prevents the tool from sticking to nearby surfaces, streamlining your dabbing process.

Embrace a new era of precision and sophistication in dabbing with the Yocan Hot Knife & Electric Dab Tool & Dab Temp Reader. Unlock the full potential of your concentrates with unrivaled accuracy. Explore the extensive range of quartz bangers available and embark on a journey to discover the pinnacle of temperature control. The Yocan Hot Knife & Electric Dab Tool & Dab Temp Reader is ready to revolutionize your dabbing experience, showcasing an unwavering commitment to excellence.


Built-In Infrared Temperature Reader with Dabber Tool
Wide Range of Adjustable Heat Settings
Full Fast-Heating Ceramic Tip
10 Seconds Preheat Feature
Reliable 1800mAh Battery Life
Fast Charging with USB Type C
Approx 1 Hour Charge Time
Clear OLED Digital Screen Display
Efficient Cutting and Melting Perfect for Microdoses
Single-Button Operation
Snap Cap for Convenience

Kit Contents:

1 Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer
2 ceramic Blades (1 Pre-installed)
1 xUSB Type-C Charging Cable
1 user Manual

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1 Review

  • 5
    Yocan jaws

    Posted by Bj Boyce on 30th Aug 2023

    This is by far the best hot knife on the market right now

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