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10mm Female to 10mm Male Adapter Glass Converter

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10mm Female to 10mm Male Adapter Glass Converter 

 This 10mm Female to 10mm Male Adapter is made to fit either a 10mm Female Bong or Rig or a 10mm Male Bong or Rig and a 10mm Female Banger or a 10mm Male Banger. Adapters change either the gender or size of your glass accessories, if you find yourself with a banger or bowl that does not fit your favorite glass rig you can surely purchase an adapter to get it to fit!


  • 10mm Male one side
  • 10mm Female on the other side


  • Fits a 10mm Female Joint
  • Fits a 10mm Male Joint

Can be used on Rigs and Bangers with an 10mm Female or a 10mm Male joint connection.

Quick Tip: 

Reclaim Catcher can be an alternative way to replace an adaptor, while also allowing you to not only keep your piece cleaner longer, but to also save any reclaim that would have gone to waste

How to reclaim and reuse Reclaim?

  • First picking at any easy to reach reclaim with a dab tool is best. The Silicone Tip Dab Tool is best for this, to prevent any damage to your glass.
  • Some then use isopropyl alcohol letting it slosh around, loosening until it can all fall out into a large silicone jar, allowing the alcohol to evaporate leaving only concentrates remaining!
  • Slightly heating the glass with a torch, extremely carefully, will loosen the resin and cause it to drip, place a silicone jar below to catch the reclaim. Be careful , the glass will get hot and can burn your hand. Also be sure not to get the glass too hot or it will crack. Thinner glass will crack faster than thicker glass, quartz can easily withstand reclaiming heat.
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Additional Information

2.3 inches
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