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Grav Labs Charcoal Pipe Glass Adapter - Clear 14mm Male 4.25'

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GRAV Charcoal Pipe Glass Adapter/Filter - 14mm Male

The GRAV charcoal adapter is pre-filled with charcoal pallets.When smoking, the smoke processed through the filtering effects of the carbon and the pallets naturally filter out toxins, enabling a clean hit every time. The size and versatility allows you to fit it onto your rig or bong, no matter the size of it. 


  • Bottom Joint: 14mm Male
  • Top Joint: 14mm Female
  • Carbon Filter
  • Detoxifies your smoke

Designed by Grav Labs

If you want to further your game with filtration, the reclaim catcher is another great fit for you. Reclaim catchers allow you to not only further filter your smoke, but also allow for you to save any residual concentrated that would otherwise end up in your rig, and allow you to use them again after they've been conveniently collected into a silicone jar attached to the bottom. 

Read out blog on how to properly use a reclaim catcher. 

Quick Tip: 

For easy cleaning, check out our cleaning solutions. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or terp wipes. 

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