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Hourglass Terp Slurper Blender Banger: 14mm Male 90 Degree Full Weld by VapeBrat

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Hourglass Terp Blender Quartz Banger: 14mm Male 90 Degree

Wide Body, Blender Airflow, Terp Slurper Functionality.

Got your attention yet?

The hourglass terp blender banger combines the power of a blender banger with the flavor-enhancing qualities of a terp slurper. Its innovative wider design is perfect for terp pearls, allowing them to move freely and ensuring that every bit of your dab is vaporized efficiently. The unique angle of the banger prevents dabs from climbing up the walls and down the neck, effectively acting as a built-in splashguard.

The extra-thick and wide dish of the banger is designed to handle large quantities of dabs, providing an efficient vaporization process. If you’re someone who enjoys larger dabs but has been disappointed by the vaporization capabilities of other bangers on the market, this banger could be a game-changer for you.

Constructed with a fully welded design, this banger offers exceptional durability. The thicker glass not only enhances the banger's strength but also provides superior heat retention compared to regular weld bangers. This means each part of the banger maintains optimal temperature for vaporizing your dabs.

For the ultimate experience, combine this banger with a marble pearl set. Watch as the pearls fly around the dish, ensuring even vaporization of every last morsel of your dab. This combination maximizes flavor and efficiency, making each session a satisfying experience.

The hourglass terp blender banger with its wide body, enhanced airflow, and terp slurper functionality is designed to elevate your dabbing experience. Its thoughtful design elements ensure durability, optimal vaporization, and exceptional flavor, making it a must-have for enthusiasts who seek the best in their banger.

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