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VapeBrat Opaque Quartz Terp Pillar: 36mm - 1 Piece

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VapeBrat Opaque Quartz Terp Pillar: 36mm - 1 Piece

Terp pillars are best paired with a marble cap to direct the airflow through the bottom of the banger, this will help you achieve the function that terp pillars are meant for!

Terp Pillars are a super efficient banger accessory, its function is similar to a terp pill or a terp pearl. Terp pillars are more commonly used with terp slurper bangers that have a longer bottom chamber, like a XL Terp Slurper or some of the full weld options we have. These pillars help retain heat for a longer period of time like terp pearl, perfect for those lower temperature dabs. As the Terp Pillar spins through the bottom chamber, it evenly disperses the concentrates being slurped in through the bottom dish throughout the heated chamber, minimizing waste! 


  • Height: 36mm 
  • Width: 6mm
  • Opaque Quartz


  • Increased Heat Retention
  • Great for Low Temp Cold Start Dabs
  • Evenly Heated Dabs
  • Mesmerizing Function 

Includes: ​ 

  • 1 x Terp Pillar: 36mm
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