Vortex Enail Banger Full Weld: 14mm Male 90 Degree 35mm Dia Bottom

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Vortex E-Banger 14mm 90 Degree Male 35mm Diameter

Made by VapeBrat, the Vortex e-nail banger,  combines your love of perfect hits and e-nails. The banger features the same directional air pathways that are build into the walls just like a regular vortex banger, but in addition, it also has a small quartz rod sticking out at the bottom. The small quartz rod that sticks enabled you to connect the banger to your e-nail coil, and secure it with either a cotter pin or an o-clamp. This reduced the risk of your banger falling and breaking or from burning you or whatever it falls on. 

This banger also has a beveled top and, paired with a marble carb cap, ensures a tight seal while also allowing for the built in air pathways to created a spinning effect that vortex bangers are known for. The banger being fully welded means for increased durability making it less likely to break at the joint.

Vortex Bangers are best paired with a marble carb cap for an airtight seal with the beveled top, and terp pearls for a longer heat retention and for a more even heat distribution inside the banger.

This e-nail banger is designed to be used with either a flat coil, or a 30mm coil. 


  • Joint Size:​ 14mm
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Joint Gender: Male
  • Banger Bucket Diameter: 31mm
  • Banger Bottom Diameter: 35mm


  • Designed for use with flat e-nail coils and for 30mm diameter coils
  • Beveled Top
  • Lab Tested Pure Quartz
  • Torch & E-Nail Compatible
  • Full Weld for Increased Durability

Compatible with



Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 14mm Male 90 Degree Fully Welded Vortex Banger

Compatible Coil Options:

  • High Five Flat E-Nail Coil
  • Galaxy 35mm E-Nail Coil
  • Galaxy Flat E-nail Coil

Click here to learn more about how to use and maintain a quartz banger.

Quick Tip: 

When used and cleaner improperly, bangers can be chazzed. This turns the banger cloudy and effects the taste and profile of the dab. To keep your banger clean and prevent chazzing, simply use a cotton swab after a dab to soak up any residual concentrated. Or dip your cotton swab in one of the solutions or isopropyl alcohol and clean it after your banger has cooled down. 

If you find your banger has too much residual concentrated, use a dab torch and heat it up really quick and scoop up as much as you can with a cotton swab before continuing the cleaning.

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