14mm 45 Degree Male Bucket Banger with Leaf Etching

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Flat Top Bucket Bangers
The large quartz bangers are affordable and designed for daily use with nearly any banger hanger or rig. The flat top style easily lets you carb cap your dabs from all angles and with most carbs caps. The best part of this piece is the thick bottom of the banger that heats evenly and retains its temperature as long as you need to get that perfect dab.

Banger specifications 

  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Joint angle: 45 Degree
  • Joint gender: Male
  • Banger Bucket diameter: 25mm

Compatible with

Rigs / Bongs : 


Carb Caps: (22mm or smaller)

Bucket Bangers

A bucket banger, sometimes referred to simply as a banger, is a type of dab nail that has a bucket-like shape, hence its name. While traditional dab nails look like, well, nails, bucket bangers act as vessels that hold the concentrate while maintaining contact with the heat source. 

Bucket Bangers can be used for cold start hits or for regular dabs. Bucket Bangers heat up quickly are great for dabbing at lower temperatures and can be used with a plethora of inserts , like bucket insertsterp pearls, diamond knot cores and more to maintain the desired temp throughout the dabbing experience. 

The are many variations of Bucket Bangers, such as Round Bottom, Opaque, Core, Beveled and more.



Quick Tip: 

Low Temp Dabs typically between 300-450 Degrees Fahrenheit offering the following benefits….

More flavor, More terpene intake, Easier on the throat and lungs, Longer-lasting product. 


Smaller clouds, Milder potency, More reclaim.


Opaque Bottom Bangers

Opaque Bottom Bangers become hotter faster than clear quartz bangers and purportedly hold the heat slightly longer. The opaque look comes from the glass being quickly stirred to capture air bubbles, creating air bubble  insulation and minimizing the thickness to allow for faster heating. The Opaque style is used for many different types of bangers, from the standard Bucket Banger to Core Reactors. 



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