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Preppy La Peui

Preppy La Peui Blender Banger Set: White Lily Marble Blue

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Preppy La Peui Blender Banger Set: White Lily Marble Blue

Get ready to be charmed by our Terp Blender Marble set, the ideal mate for your Blender Quartz Banger! Unleash the art of dabbing perfection when the beveled edge of the blender banger gracefully entwines with the rounded base of the marble carb cap. This perfect union forms an airtight seal, promising the blender effect you've been dreaming of. As you draw in a breath, the airflow is artfully navigated through the banger's vortex holes or slits, igniting a thrilling energy that sets the terp pearls whirling.

Watch, captivated, as the terp pearls pirouette and spin. Their mission? To distribute and heat your precious concentrates throughout the banger bottom with unparalleled precision. This bewitching ballet guarantees that every dab transforms into a vortex of flavor and intensity!

When the blender quartz banger, terp pearls, and the expertly adjusted airflow from the carb cap join forces, they create a magical experience that will leave you spellbound. Ready for an unforgettable journey? Let the magic unfold!


  • Marble Carb Cap Diameter: 25mm
  • Terp Pearls: 6mm


  • Evenly Heated Dabs
  • Spinning Effect to Disperse Concentrates Along Heated Bottom
  • Large Marble Carb Cap for an Airtight Seal


  • 1 x Large Marble Cap (25mm)
  • 2 x Terp Pearls (6mm)

Quick Tip:

How do terp pearls work?

Terp Pearls. These small yet mighty wonders are here to elevate your experience, but they can't work their magic alone. To unleash their full potential, you'll need to pair them with a bucket banger of your choosing and an airflow carb cap. Whether you prefer the precision of the directional cap, the smoothness of the bubble cap, or the mesmerizing vortex cap, each one adds its own distinctive element to the symphony of flavor and vapor. Together, they create a harmonious dance that takes your dabbing journey to a whole new dimension.

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