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Preppy La Peui

Slurper Marble with Four Terp Pearls: Air Trap Blue Anemone by Preppy La Peui

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Preppy La Peui Terp Blender Set: Air Trap Marble Blue Anemone

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your dab setup with the dynamic combo of blender banger, terp pearls, and a slurper marble! This powerhouse will take your dabs to a new level of efficiency.

With the blender banger, terp pearls, and a slurper marble in your arsenal, you'll witness an explosion of flavors, unparalleled efficiency, and an immersive dab experience like no other. It's time to embrace the remarkable synergy of these exceptional dab accessories. Get ready to savor every dab, every hit, and every moment as you unleash the true essence of your concentrates.

The top largest marble seals off the top of your banger, channeling the airflow through the vortex holes or slits fitted through out your banger. Brace yourself for an incredible force of airflow that sets the terp pearls into motion, spinning them around the heated bottom like a tornado.

The result? Your concentrates are evenly distributed and heated to perfection, ready for you to indulge in the ultimate dab.

Let the adventure begin!


  • Marble Carb Cap Diameter: 25mm
  • Terp Pearls: 6mm


  • Evenly Heated Dabs
  • Spinning Effect to Disperse Concentrates Along Heated Bottom
  • Large Marble Carb Cap for an Airtight Seal


  • 1 x Large Marble Cap (25mm)
  • 4 x Terp Pearls (6mm)

Quick Tip:

How do terp pearls work?

Terp Pearls. These tiny wonders are the missing piece you've been searching for to elevate your dabbing adventures. Pair them with your preferred bucket banger and an airflow carb cap, and watch the magic unfold. Whether you opt for a Directional, Bubble, or the mesmerizing Vortex carb cap, the Terp Pearls work their enchantment, maximizing the flavor and potency of your concentrates with precision.

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