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Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Nail: 14mm Male 90 Degree

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14mm Male 90 Degree Terp Slurper Banger 

Quickly becoming the favorite choice of concentrate consumers, the Terp Slurper offers tremendous taste and with the glass terp balls and ball carb cap extreme efficiency as well!

The Terp Slurp Banger is used to help enhance flavor with a better air vape mixture. May seem wasteful to some, but when used properly and efficiently, is a gem to your collection.  

What is a Terp Slurper?

A terp slurper is a type of bucket with a very precise design. The name mainly comes from its association with low-temperature dabbing, which enables us to experience the terpenes of the plant more effectively as they can degrade at higher temperatures.

Many of us are familiar with bucket bangers, and a terp slurper will therefore look quite familiar. But, upon closer inspection, you will notice some key differences. One difference is that a terp slurper has a cylinder in the middle section that extends to the bottom of the piece, with slits or holes at the base. There is a dish below that is connected to this cylinder, and four airflow slits. It’s a flat-top design with a wide dish, and a 90-degree joint angle.

One thing that makes a terp slurper unique is that you can apply a carb cap prior to adding the concentrate, and this is due to the unique nature of its design.

What Advantages Does a Terp Slurper Offer?

Terp slurpers have changed the dabbing game and are proving to be a lot more than a fad. If you really want exceptional flavor and enjoy low-temp dabbing, then there is no doubt that this is the accessory that will take your experience to whole new level of satisfaction with your favorite concentrates. So, if you are wondering then what a terp slurper can provide compared to more conventional bucket bangers, here it is.

Advantage #1: Great Flavor

Like we just mentioned, a terp slurper can offer incredible flavor due to its ability to preserve the terpenes of the concentrate when used at low temperatures. This is, in fact, the main appeal of using a terp slurper. More dab enthusiasts are discovering that they have a distinctive appreciation for terpenes separately from cannabinoids, and a terp slurper, as the name implies, allows you to really maximize the potential that terpenes have to offer.

Advantage #2: Avoidance of Waste

A terp slurper is a highly efficient bucket banger-type piece that can prevent you from wasting concentrate due to its design. We know that with concentrates, the potency means that every little bit counts. If you are tired of wasting dabs, then a terp slurper is a great investment.

Advantage #3: Perfect for Low Temp Dabbing

There are all kinds of reasons for preferring low-temp dabbing besides the flavor of the terpenes. Certain properties of the concentrates can only really come to life when you keep the temperature low, as each compound, whether it be a cannabinoid or terpene, has a unique boiling point after which it degrades once it is reached. The reason why it’s so conducive to low-temp dabbing is because the concentrates make direct contact with the hottest section of the nail, while the increased surface area of the accessory allows even heating. Basically, there is no need to apply as much heat to get the hit you are looking for, with plenty of delicious vapor along the way.

Advantage #4: Reduction of Benzene Production

Because terp slurpers can satisfy needs more effectively at low temperatures, you are at a lower risk of inhaling benzene, a carcinogen that can be produced when concentrates are heated at temperatures that are too high. This also means that the process is easier on the respiratory system as it’s less harsh.

Advantage #5: Great for Large Dabs

With the unique design of a terp slurper comes the ability to use larger dabs per session, which allows you to get satisfaction out of each and every puff. Because there is minimal waste, you do not have to worry about a good chunk of your dabs becoming useless during the vaporization process.

How Exactly Does a Terp Slurper Work from an Engineering Standpoint?

Each time you apply concentrates to the nail when it’s hot, the resulting vapor is “slurped” upwards through the cylinder, which acts like a chimney. The airflow slits help make this process more efficient. Meanwhile, the cylinder remains at the right temperature throughout the process so that each and every drop of concentrate is utilized. This also allows each hit to deliver a ton of vapor as there is really no waste.

Note: Every hit can deliver even more potency than what you are used to. Therefore, be aware of dosing when using a terp slurper for the first time, as these hits can be really powerful.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x 14mm Male 90° Terp Slurp Banger 

Banger specifications 

  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Joint angle: 90 Degree
  • Joint gender: Male
  • Banger Bucket diameter: 22mm

Compatible with

Rigs / Bongs: 

Banger Quick Tip

Ways to prevent chazzing (Banger cloudiness)

Do not take hot dabs.

Cotton swab in between usages ideally with isopropyl alcohol removing any excess concentrate before reheating.

To learn more about the difference between high vs low temp dabs, click here.

Quick Tip: 

When dabbing, you might notice that there is a lot of reclaim that gets wasted, that not only dirties your bangers and piece, but also wastes your concentrates. A reclaim catcher is the perfect addition to your collection. Any excess reclaim would fall into the silicone jar attached to the bottom of the reclaim catcher. You can either use a dab tool to collect the reclaim for the next sesh, or simply use a nectar collector and dab directly from the jar.

To learn more about reclaim catchers, click here.

And to learn more about how to use a reclaim catcher, click here.

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Additional Information

Joint Size:
Joint Gender:
Joint Degree:
90 Degree
Terp Slurp
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13 Reviews

  • 5
    Terp slurper

    Posted by Dj on 19th Mar 2024

    Overall excellent banger. Holds heat well, delivers smooth hit, would definitely recommend

  • 5
    Terp slurp banger

    Posted by Annie on 18th Mar 2024

    Nice piece of glass and I love the look and style of the different smoke chambers.

  • 5
    Great banger!

    Posted by Curt on 10th Mar 2024

    Banger works great no faults or defects

  • 5
    This piece came exactly as intended and wa sim great condition I love this piece as it helps me preserve my terps and still got all the punch of my product 10/10 recommend if you have never used a terp slurper

    Posted by Douglas on 5th Dec 2023

    One of the best pieces I have used in a while I have multiple videos up on Kingofglobs on instagram and kingdomofslabs on tiktok spreading positivity and the appreciation of this beautiful piece

  • 5
    Quality Banger

    Posted by Linsey on 10th Oct 2023

    This piece was exactly what I was looking for! It has held up so well and the price can’t be beat!

  • 5
    Terp Slurper

    Posted by Joe on 23rd Mar 2023

    Amazing quality, extremely affordable compared to other companies, definitely a worthwhile purchase!

  • 4
    Good for price

    Posted by Samantha on 30th Jan 2023

    I love it 3rd time ordering

  • 5
    Cheap but works

    Posted by Richard s on 20th Jan 2023

    For the price of this it's so fare working as good as my old 4mm quarts slurper. The only downfall is wish it had a few more groves cut so the terp pearls can really roll. But 5* regardless! Y'all kick a** an prices are to die for!

  • 4
    Good for price

    Posted by Sam on 30th Sep 2022

    I think a fourth time buying

  • 5
    Solid Slerper

    Posted by Lindsay B on 4th Sep 2022

    This is my 3rd order of these sleepers, and I adore them. They seem to heat up pretty well, and for a great price! I’m used to paying $80 for a set at my local smoke shops, only for them to break a few months later and cost me another $80. With these, I can buy a few different sets and go wild. If you’re not sure about quality, I guarantee you’re getting a bang for your buck!

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