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​High Temp Dab vs. Low Temp Dab: Pros and Cons of Each

​High Temp Dab vs. Low Temp Dab: Pros and Cons of Each

High Temp Dab vs. Low Temp Dab: Pros and Cons of Each

Those who are new to dabbing may be a bit intimidated by the whole concept, which is understandable. 

Smoking flower is a pretty straight-forward process with limited rules and methods. But dabbing is an entirely different beast, with endless varieties of dabbing hardware as well as concentrates, and all different kinds of styles and factors to consider when trying to get the most out of your precious dabs.

One thing that we get asked a lot by those who are new to dabbing relates to temperature. A common question is, “at which temperature should I heat my concentrates for the most satisfying dabbing experience?” As you will find out, each dabbing enthusiast has their own personal sweet spot, and that’s a good thing, because dabbing allows you to explore different options as you so desire.

Why Your Dabbing Temperature Matters

The temperature at which you dab has everything to do with your overall experience. Dabbing involves heating your concentrates in a dabbing piece to bring out the most flavor, while ensuring that the body absorbs the desirable compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. The temperature itself determines how potently those compounds are felt, how long your concentrate lasts, the flavor that you experience and even the thickness of the smoke or vapor.

Furthermore, one has to be mindful of the temperature for more important reasons. Dabbing at a temperature too low simply will not give you any kind of experience to speak of, because the compounds simply aren’t reaching the right temp to deliver effects. And, dabbing at a temperature that’s too high will burn your product, destroying its flavor and burning away the properties of the compounds you’re specifically seeking out.

Dabbing Temperature Comparisons

Now, let’s compare high temp dabbing versus low temp dabbing to explore their benefits and drawbacks.

High Temp Dabbing

High temp dabbing is dabbing at a temperature above 400 degrees, but below 900 degrees, as anything above 900 degrees will totally burn and thus ruin the product. Between 600 and 900 is extremely high temp, and while you’ll get loads of thick clouds, you’ll likely experience harshness. Also, at this temperature range, most of the terpenes will burn away, thus giving you little flavor, while also stopping you from experiencing the properties of the terpenes, which can be highly valuable in their own right.

More high-temp dabbers choose a temperature between 450 and 600, which can still be a bit harsh on the lungs and throat, but still gives you a more balanced flavor and a good level of cloud thickness and size.


Stronger effects: The higher the temperature your concentrate reaches, the stronger the effects will be because the hits themselves will have more volume of product.

Bigger, thicker clouds: Higher temperatures produce bigger clouds, and many people enjoy seeing those thick, fluffy plumes as they exhale.

Less residue to clean: Another benefit of high temp dabbing is the high temperature will help melt away any residue that could potentially build up, meaning you’ll spend less time cleaning once you’re done dabbing.


Risk of burning compounds: Dabbing at too high of a temp can burn certain compounds you’re specifically trying to introduce into your body. Terpenes degrade faster than cannabinoids and going above about 390 degrees can mean that you miss out on many of their properties.

Less flavor: Because terpenes degrade at higher temperatures, you may not have as strong as a flavor, or as complex of a flavor profile. Terpenes carry the flavor of the plant, and as they burn away, they take the flavor profile with them.

Harsher: High temps are harsher, meaning that if you’re prone to coughing, you may not love the sensation that high temperatures produce.

Burning Through Product: With higher temperatures, you’ll burn through your product more quickly, costing more money over time.

Low Temp Dabbing

Low temp dabbing is dabbing at a temperature between 300 and 450 degrees. Going below 300 degrees will simply not be hot enough to deliver the effects that you’re looking for. Most dabbers do, in fact, opt for low temp dabbing because they prefer its qualities over high temp dabbing. Low temp dabbing gives you a nice balance between flavor and potency, while minimizing harshness and letting your concentrate last longer.


More flavor: Low-temp dabbing offers more flavor, because the terpenes are in their sweet spot where they will fully active and capable of delivering their full taste.

More terpene intake: Because the terpenes do not burn at lower temperatures, you will be able to enjoy their distinctive properties that can enhance your overall dabbing experience.

Easier on the throat and lungs: Dabbing at a lower temperature is easier on the body as it is not as harsh, and therefore less likely to make you cough.

Longer-lasting product: The lower the temp, the longer it takes to burn through your product, which can save you money.


Smaller clouds: With lower temperatures, less product is burning per hit, and so the clouds will be smaller as well as the amount that needs to be consumed will be higher in order to achieve desired effect.

Milder potency: Temperature directly correlates to potency, so dabbing at low temps will give you milder effects. That doesn’t mean you will not feel the effects you’re looking for, but rather, they won’t be incredibly strong as they would be at a high temperature.

More residue to clean: Lower temperatures will result in more residue that needs to be cleaned once you’re done dabbing. This is because the high heat isn’t there to melt away debris.

The Bottom Line

Whether you dab at a lower temperature or higher temperature is your choice. It really comes down to personal preference, so we encourage you to weigh the pros and cons to figure out which style will best suit your needs. As long as you’re between 300 and 900 degrees, you can successfully dab, although most dabbers prefer to stick within the 300-450 range due to its ability to offer exceptional flavor, less harshness and high terpene content with each hit.

3rd Jan 2024 VapeBrat

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