​What is a Dab Torch?

​What is a Dab Torch?

When you finally decide that it’s time to give dabbing a try, you’re going to need to have the right hardware, and there are more and more hardware pieces and accessories to choose from than ever before. One primary component to any dabbing setup is the heat source. Dabbing requires higher temperatures than traditional dry herb and oils because concentrates have a unique consistency that requires that they are melted through a flash-vaporization process. Therefore, a traditional lighter simply won’t do the trick.

Reaching the ideal temperature (usually between 315-600 degrees) therefore requires a more advanced form of heat application, which can be divided into two categories: one that relies on electronics, like an e-nail or dab pen, and the use of a dab torch, which is a manually operated heat source. Dab torches remain a very popular way to heat up a banger or nail, and there are all kinds of torches on the market to choose from.

Dab Torches: The Basics

Basically, a dab torch is a lot like a lighter, except it’s larger in size and burns at a much higher temperature than traditional lighters can so that it can offer adequate heat for concentrates. It provides a torch-like flame that’s blue rather than yellow, indicating the higher temp it’s achieved. It is operated much like a lighter in that a button or switch is held in order to trigger the flame, which can then be applied to your nail or banger as needed. It’s handheld, allowing you to travel with it, and relatively easy to take care of.

Different Kinds of Dab Torches

Dab torches can differ in many ways, and it’s important to have a good idea of what’s out there so that you can more easily decide on the one that’s best for your unique dabbing needs.

#1: Size and Shape

Torches come in different sizes and shapes. While generally, they’re portable, some are larger than others, which means that you’ll have to consider this carefully if you’re someone who dabs away from home. Larger torches can hold more fuel which is a payoff for being bulkier and less compact. The shape is less relevant and really is just aesthetic, although curved edges are a nice touch in the ergonomics department.

#2: Temperature Range

Butane torches can vary somewhat in how hot they get, ranging from around 2000 to 3600 degrees Fahrenheit, largely depending on the type of fuel used as well as the way in which the torch was manufactured.

#3: Butane or Propane

By and large, it’s recommended that you go with a butane torch which can reach around 2100 degrees. Propane torches burn about 1500 degrees higher, and while this sounds like a good thing, it can burn your concentrates in a way that’s extremely unfavorable. Butane torches are also cleaner, which is always a plus.

#4: Durability

Obviously, you want a dab torch that’s made with high-quality materials in order to last. Avoid flimsy materials that can struggle or get damaged should the torch be dropped.

#5: Overall Quality and Safety

It is important to buy your dab torch from a trusted manufacturer who prioritizes general quality and safety. Research a company before buying a torch from them to know you’re getting a good product that can satisfy your needs and operate in a safe manner. You can always trust QuartzBanger.com to have torches that pass our rigorous quality and safety checks! 

How to Use a Dab Torch Properly

Once you select a good-quality dab torch for your dabbing routine, you’re going to need to know how to use it properly to ensure a successful dabbing experience.

When it comes to heating your concentrates for dabbing purposes, you need to have a good idea as to how long you should apply the flame to your nail or banger to ensure that it reaches the right temperature. A full blog post has been written up specifically about this, go check it out!  This takes trial and error, especially since every dabber has specific preferences when it comes to qualities like flavor and potency, which can vary depending on the temperature achieved. It’s best to grab a timer to keep by your side, or even better a thermometer, when dabbing so that once you do find your sweet spot based on your torch application, you can simply apply the number of seconds you applied the torch to future sessions.

The first thing you need to do is use your torch to heat the nail or banger. Apply the torch directly to your nail or banger until it glows red. Then, remove the heat source and allow it to cool for about 30-45 seconds. Now, you can apply your concentrates, and your dab torch has successfully done its job.

How to Maintain a Dab Torch

A dab torch is a relatively low-maintenance accessory since it doesn’t need to be cleaned after each use like other components of your setup. However, it does require that you refill the butane regularly. Once your torch is no longer delivering the same flame output as it once did, or once it begins to perform inconsistently, it’s time to refill. Refilling your torch requires caution and time to avoid spills and misses. Most dab torches on the market come with user manuals that discuss the refilling processes based on the distinctive design of the torch made by the manufacturer.

Final Tips for Using a Dab Torch

  1. When operating a dab torch lighter, you’re handling something that reaches extreme temperatures. This means that you should always operate it with the utmost precaution. 
  2. Never, ever apply your torch to anything other than your nail or banger
  3. Watch carefully as you handle it.
  4. Never leave it anywhere that a child could get their hands on it!
  5. Store it properly when it’s not in use.
  6. Never leave your torch outdoors or nearby a heat source!

Ultimately, your best bet is to go with a butane torch that comes from a trusted company. At QuartzBanger.com, we offer a generous array of dab torches to satisfy all kinds of dabbers’ needs.

9th Aug 2021 VapeBrat

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