10mm Female 90 Degree Banger Kit with Terp Pearls & Vortex Carb Cap

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10mm Female 90 Degree Bucket Banger with Terp Pearls & Vortex Cap (4 Piece Kit)

Bucket Bangers

bucket banger, sometimes referred to simply as a banger, is a type of dab nail that has a bucket-like shape, hence its name. While traditional dab nails look like, well, nails, bucket bangers act as vessels that hold the concentrate while maintaining contact with the heat source. 

Bucket Bangers can be used for cold start hits or for regular dabs. Bucket Bangers heat up quickly are great for dabbing at lower temperatures and can be used with a plethora of inserts , like bucket insertsterp pearls, diamond knot cores and more to maintain the desired temp throughout the dabbing experience. 

The are many variations of Bucket Bangers, such as Round BottomOpaque, Core, Beveled and more.


Kit Includes:

  • 1x 10mm Female 90° Quartz Banger 
  • 1x Vortex Carb Cap
  • 2x Terp Balls

Banger specifications 

  • Joint size: 10mm
  • Joint angle: 90 Degree
  • Joint gender: Female
  • Banger Bucket diameter: 25mm

Compatible with

Rigs / Bongs: 


Carb Caps:

Banger Quick Tip

Ways to prevent chazzing (Banger cloudiness)

Do not take hot dabs.

Cotton swab in between usages ideally with isopropyl alcohol removing any excess concentrate before reheating.

To learn more about the difference between high vs low temp dabs, click here.

Quick Tip: 

When dabbing, you might notice that there is a lot of reclaim that gets wasted, that not only dirties your bangers and piece, but also wastes your concentrates. A reclaim catcher is the perfect addition to your collection. Any excess reclaim would fall into the silicone jar attached to the bottom of the reclaim catcher. You can either use a dab tool to collect the reclaim for the next sesh, or simply use a nectar collector and dab directly from the jar.

To learn more about reclaim catchers, click here.

And to learn more about how to use a reclaim catcher, click here.

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