Banger Maintenance Kit: Mini Trash Can x Glob Mops x Terp Wipes 70 ct

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Banger Maintenance Kit: Glob Mops Cleaning Q Tips 300 ct XL x Mini Trash Bin x Terp Wipes 70 ct.

These Terp Wipes are the best product to have to clean your bangers and pieces after each use. They are thick non abrasive cotton pads that are soaked in ethyl alcohol and distilled water. The reason why Terp Wipes are made with ethyl alcohol is because it is grain based alcohol that is food safe and completely non toxic. Each pack of Terp Wipes contain 70 individual pads and 3 wooden sticks. To clean out a banger simply place a wipe inside and move it around with the included stick. Unlikle regular cotton swabs that are typically round and don't reach the little crevices so easily, the stick and wipe make it easier to get to those usually harder-to reach places. To clean off your other dabbing accessories or the outside of your dab rig, use a Terp Wipe as a regular wipe to wipe it clean. Because Terp Wipes are made out of thick cotton they are super absorbent and do not shred apart like other wipes!

The Glob Mops Qtips are made out of 100% Pure Cotton and Bamboo, the bamboo stick makes Glob Mops Cotton Mops the most reliable cleaning tips around. Say goodbye to the flimsy, meltable, plastic q tips you typically find at the drug store. They are rounded on one end and pointed on the other, making it easier to get to the harder to reach crevices of your banger. The Glob Mops Travel Pack comes in a convenient portable case, making these your go to when traveling. Because of its small size they can easily be thrown into your pocket, backpack, and even your rig case!

The Mini Trash Bin is a cute small addition to have as part of your kit which you can use to dispose of your cotton swabs and your terp wipes. You can also use it as a storage for your cotton swabs and terp wipes.

When dabbing at lower temperatures, it is expected to have some concentrate residue left over. It is highly recommended that you don't continuously reheat your banger or the residue to prevent "chazzing". A Chazzed banger is when your quartz has a cloudy looking appearance from overheating constantly or it can be caused by overheating left over concentrates. If you overheat the left over residue it can burn onto your quartz materialsinfluencing the taste of your future dabs. Regular cleaning should be done even with high temperature dabs. Although most of the concentrates are vaporized at higher temps, you would still want to clean your banger of any dark buildup to prevent irreversible damage which ultimately affects flavor. Using Terp Wipes after each sesh can potentially add months of longevity to your banger's lifespan!

Terp Wipes are ideal for cleaning your banger, dabbing accessories, and the outside of wax rigs because of their safe ingredients. Its unconventional wipe and stick combo gets into all the harder to reach areas, making them very versatile! 


  • 70 Wipes per box
  • 3 Sticks per box
  • 75% ethyl alcohol, 25% distilled water
  • 2.5in x 2.5in per wipe
  • Extra absorbent 2.0 version cotton swabs
  • Bamboo Stick
  • Double ended cotton swab (one pointed one rounded)
  • 300 cotton swabs per pack


  • Thick Non Abrasive Cotton Materials That Wont Scratch your Glass
  • Made with Food Safe Non Toxic Ingredients
  • Stick made of bamboo
  • 100% Pure Cotton Swab


  • 1 x Box of Terp Wipes​ 70 count
  • 1 x Glob Mops Cotton Swabs XL 300 ct
  • 1 x Mini Trash Bin

Quick Tip: Having the right banger can make a world of difference to your dabbing experience. Bangers are one of those items that warrant a bit of a splurge to make sure your experience is as elevated as can be. But the main component to consider is how well you take care of your banger to ensure it stays clean and fresh for each hit. 

Click here to read more about how to properly maintain and use your quartz banger.

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